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Weight loss Secret.
In many cases the secret of weight loss is in the metabolic rate of the body.

What is metabolism?
Metabolism is a general name for all the processes that take place in the body at rest and require energy, such as basic breathing and thinking, building muscles in the body and breaking down the food we eat. Any such action requires energy from the body, which means that in any such action the body burns calories. As the rate of metabolism increases - so the body uses more calories, registers less fat and we can eat more - and still lose weight!
What factors determine metabolic rate?
Composition of the body: The body is built, among other things, from muscles. The larger the tissue, the more muscles in the body, the higher the metabolism. This explains why men lose weight faster - they just have more muscle than women.

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Translated titles:
Pérdida de peso secreto

ירידה במשקל

Потеря веса